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The most common reason people opt for having a loft conversion as opposed to overhauling the whole house and raising another one, is primarily because of the cost incurred in the process.

Loft conversion is therefore, the easiest and cheapest way to add value to your existing property without displacement, use of more space like land for instance for the purpose of improving our homes. Many loft conversion companies are out there to carry out the conversions.  Choosing the best company to work for you can be very difficult  especially if you are worried of nightmare scenarios of for instance scam companies ready and happy to get your money and disappear never to  be seen again, half finished work or even spoiled property by shoddy builders.

Finding the right company who does a great job involves careful planning and research. Some of the important things that should be considered are:-

  1. Checking their accreditations that allow them to work. A company that fails to prove itself should not be considered.
  2. Seeking guidance and recommendations from friends or family members who have had successful loft conversions.
  3. Ask the company to provide you with their address together with  their landline  telephone number. If they are reluctant to give you it then be wary!
  4. Avoid handing out your money before anything is done. Good companies do not rush to ask for money before they begin the job.

The above considerations are just the important areas that should not be overlooked.  However, careful scanning through the companies’ profiles, should be carried out  before narrowing down on one to do the loft conversion for you. If the company is active on social media etc then that is always a good sign especially if they post regular updates and pictures of their work. Also reviews go a long way so check out their reviews profiles on google etc.

Like any major home improvment, loft conversion has its pros and cons, a professionally installed loft conversion is very valuable and can improve our homes. Converting this space results in creation of more rooms that can be used for various purposes like an extra bedroom, bathroom, office or even making it an entertainment room. Furthermore, it is also perceived that loft conversion brings in more money if the house is for business purposes and can add a lot of value to a property when done right.

Many families decide to have a loft conversion in order to get more space without having to incur extra cost of moving property to say a new location. It is perceived that a loft conversion improves the value of one’s house by around 20  percent so it is not a decision to take lightly and thorough research should be carried out.

Approximate Cost of Loft Conversion.

The cost of carrying out a loft conversion may vary depending on the layout and size of the property and the specialists contracted to carry out the work. It is estimated for instance that in London the cost of a loft conversion is around  £40,000 pounds but the average cost of it in many parts of the UK ranges from £20-30k.


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